Learn Swedish * アプリのレビュー

App is solid

Helping me talk to my Swedish girlfriend.

Overall, pretty good

If you are looking for an app to tech you some basic Swedish, this is the one. If you are looking for an app to teach you all Swedish, this may not be the one your looking for. I liked how it had different study tools and you didn't have to pay for all lessons. Overall, it was pretty good, but I do wish it taught more then just basic Swedish.

Great Vocab App

Very good for vocabulary with different ways to learn. This is my go to app for learning Swedish.





Better than Duolingo

This app has been the most helpful in me learning Swedish. Wayy better than that Duolingo crap!


Good app.

Great app

This app is great and very helpful!

Great features. I learned!

Excellent project done here! I like to see if this app can start generating advance materials too and not just beginners materials!

Great but needs more

I will continue to use the app but needs a few things in order for me to give it 5 stars 1) an option to randomize your Flashcards/ draw and put pictures on them 2) take test on multiple categories to help adapt to different situations 3) a new category that involves everything that has to do with your phone. For example settings and airplane mode so that when we use our phones we are still thinking about the language through translation 4) they say it takes 10,000 words to learn a language fluently. Maybe it's time for new word update? The app really is great, but adding these things would make it the best


This app is easy to use. It is helpful to hear te word, see the spelling and do the different exercises. I wish we had it back when I unsuccessfully tried to learn Swedish in college.

Great App!

This app is really fun and helpful. I enjoy the different ways to listen and read and speak. Thank you!


Very helpful!

Its pretty good

The word geeting is mispelled in the app and the voice sounds a bit robotic at times which isnt best for learning.

this is a amazing app for those that plan on traveling

I personally wanted to start letting Swedish because I want to travel out of the country I have a friend that lives out there and all the apps that I have a very inconvenient because I'm not able to practice saying what I would want to say and to make sure I am seeing it right but anyway this is an amazing app for those that want to learn

Very fun!

I hope to spend more time with this easy to use app.





Love it

Amazing app, very helpful.

Great way to start.

I've been struggling with pronunciation and theis application is helping get past that hurdle! I recommend it highly. The only way to really get a new language down is practice saying the words, spelling and listening.

Awesome AND Fun

This is actually pretty helpful! Now i can learn Swedish with ease ^___^

Fun App

Great fun which helps make you want to study more.

Very Enjoyable Experience

It truly is a user-friendly app and a seemingly effective way to learn Swedish. The different features throughout each category are interesting, while some appear to be very similar. However, the flashcards give you the same one until you check it off, which seems almost pointless. Also, some words seem to contradict other sources I've found for Swedish, but overall I am very pleased with the app, and will certainly continue to use it!

Learn Swedish

Great app to learn a new language. So easy to use and keeps you interested.

Great app

Great app and easy to navigate

Cool app, but. . .

It keeps prompting me to rate it every few minutes. I've just opened it for the 1st time, and in 5 mins, I've been asked 4 times to rate it. Hoping it will go away now. It does look like a really fun way to learn Swedish. I'll update my review, if the issue stops :)

Better than Duolingo

In my opinion this app is better than Duolingo or Babbel when it comes to learning Swedish. Bravo on the creators for making such a dynamic app! I highly recommend.

Shofar so good

I am new to it... But looks graet

Amazing app!!

Thank you so much, this app helped me a lot.

I love it

It's very good for beginners and learners I love it you should too

So far so good!

Great way to practice some basic vocabulary!


Love this app! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn. Very helpful👌

Love it

so fast and simple


Excellent , thanks! Just suggest increasing vocabulary in some sections.

Great supplementary app!

Easy to use- a great supplement to online courses and language classes.


It's amazing

Hejsan All...

We have a thoughtfuly constructed app here. Most useful as I rediscover my first tounge. Gud bevara to the team that put this gem in place!

Too quiet

I have the volume all of the way up and the voice is too quiet to hear any of the spoken words on iPhone 6 IOS 9.3.2

TACK for giving these lessons

This app helped me learn Swedish and I am so glad that I downloaded it!Now I want to learn all in the swedish language that ever existed.This app has also inspired me to learn other languages,because there is a big world out there!😊👍🇸🇪🇫🇮

Fun, fun, fun

You learn just enough that it doesn't get boring. I give it ten stars!

Nice App

I've tried a couple apps for learning Swedish, and like this a lot. Very user-friendly, easy to use, and good for vocabulary.

Comphrehensive vocab

Vocabulary lists are packed with most basic useful words. Grammar lessons would enhance the app's ability to teach one to speak the language.

Basic Swedish

Very user friendly

Love it!

Easy to use. More languages, please.

Great App!

Very well designed, the devs clearly put a lot of time and effort into this one. Perfect for a vacationer like myself. I doubt it will help me master the language, but I would like to know enough to be polite. If you are looking for the same, download it already!

Dr Mr xD

Mycket bra!

Thank You!!

Thank you for this wonderful it help it is very helpful and I'm learning Swedish because of a lovely someone I have met. ^.^

Great app

I love it

Love it!

Great so far. I've used it about a week now.

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