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Why did I get this app I already speak Swedish

As a beginner

Its helpful and very useful

Great App

This app is amazing for learning Swedish, with its many options it provides a wide variety of learning. Ive been very intrigued with the Swedish language for a while and am finally satisfied that theres an app for it :) many other apps that teach the Swedish language appear to be free, but sneak in an additional charge. Your app is true, and helpful. Great job

Very neat.



I really like the voice and pronunciation! Would be great to have a "random" section, where everything will be the same as in all other sections, but not sorted by any type, just random! Or like sorted by most common use in everyday life

Great App!

Very well designed, the devs clearly put a lot of time and effort into this one. Perfect for a vacationer like myself. I doubt it will help me master the language, but I would like to know enough to be polite. If you are looking for the same, download it already!

Love it!

Easy to use. More languages, please.

Basic Swedish

Very user friendly

Comphrehensive vocab

Vocabulary lists are packed with most basic useful words. Grammar lessons would enhance the apps ability to teach one to speak the language.

Nice App

Ive tried a couple apps for learning Swedish, and like this a lot. Very user-friendly, easy to use, and good for vocabulary.

TACK for giving these lessons

This app helped me learn Swedish and I am so glad that I downloaded it!Now I want to learn all in the swedish language that ever existed.This app has also inspired me to learn other languages,because there is a big world out there!

Too quiet

I have the volume all of the way up and the voice is too quiet to hear any of the spoken words on iPhone 6 IOS 9.3.2

Hejsan All...

We have a thoughtfuly constructed app here. Most useful as I rediscover my first tounge. Gud bevara to the team that put this gem in place!

Great supplementary app!

Easy to use- a great supplement to online courses and language classes.


Excellent , thanks! Just suggest increasing vocabulary in some sections.

Love it

so fast and simple


Love this app! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn. Very helpful

So far so good!

Great way to practice some basic vocabulary!

I love it

Its very good for beginners and learners I love it you should too

Amazing app!!

Thank you so much, this app helped me a lot.

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